"All I Have Is a Voice to undo the folded lie" (W H. Auden)


For the attention of IMF and IDB

The committed budget fraud implies that all your findings and conclusions as has been reported have become invalid.

The investigation has shown that the budget fraud coming forward indicates that the government of Suriname has made serious accounting improprieties and outright misrepresentations. The yearly income has been reported on a very low level whereas the expenses are inflated. Furthermore the government debt is misrepresented.

The National Assembly can be blamed for willingly cooperating with the government in committing the budget fraud. Such cannot be excluded.
The conclusion is that as of 12th August 2010 it is likely that the government ought to have a cumulative budget surplus of more than € 2 billion ($ 2,6 billion or SRD 8,5 billion).

 It is likely that the monetary reserves are understated.